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An AI and Business Solutions Company helping businesses with problem-solving, data monetisation, and product development.

About aSaw

aSaw is a female founded and led SaaS and services-based company which partners with its clients to design and implement solutions for their key business problems leveraging AI. Our proprietary product platforms like SPyDER and SOLDiT enable businesses to conduct due diligence and generate leads respectively while we serve our clients in the space of analytics and help them with Building Centre of Excellence. Our in-house team of Data Scientists, Full Stack Engineers, Developers, Consultants and HR professionals eulogise client satisfaction and excellence in delivery.


Our products provide nuanced, nifty, and nimble solutions like Document Parsing for KYCs/KYBs, Text Analytics with Topic Modelling for conducting Equity and Credit Research as well as Brand Management, Automated Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to meet the requirements of Financial Institutions and Gaming firms and lead generation for augmenting sales.


SPyDERTM is our premium product which performs due diligence, KYC and periodic sanctions screening to help our clients cope with the ever-changing compliance landscape.
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A Sales-magnet designed to generate high-quality leads through personalised and need-sorted segmentation of your target audience.
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CoLanderTM is a Document Parser which amplifies the productivity of its users by extracting custom info from a document dump.
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With the information in public domain ascending to mammoth proportions, NEWSpYTM provides an efficient means to keep track of metrics that matter.
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Our Clients

Our clients are based in the US, the UK, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Mauritius and India.

Operational & Pricing Model

Subscription Based Model

Annual/bi-annual subscription plans are offered for our products – SPyDER, SOLDiT, NEWSpY, and CoLander.

FTE based Model

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) based competitive pricing model is adopted for our standard Staff Augmentation and Contractual Resourcing services. Contractual Resources are provided to our clients to support their inhouse teams in expeditiously scaling up capabilities for Analytics, IT, and Business Transformation functions.

Project Based Pricing

We take-up project-based work to solve the business problems of our clients. These projects are in the domains of Product Development, Innovation, Business Solutions, Analytics, Problem Solving, Advisory, Digital Marketing and Automation. The pricing is charged on a project/hourly basis.

In the Media

Case Studies

Wanna know how we help? Please, peruse our use-cases of solutions advisories to map our competencies and gauge for yourself the relevance of our offerings to your business needs.

Data Visualisation

An Indian Health Care start-up approached us for Customised Interactive Dashboard for Business Intelligence.

Operational Excellence

A UK-based client sought an insights advisory from their customer’s data.

Developing Digital Footprints

Our US client wanted us to develop digital footprints for their Hong Kong Market.

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