An Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) platform to optimise risk exposure to patrons with criminal proclivities.

Tablet showcasing profile of person/company to check for financial risk.

Safeguard against
Financial Crimes

What is SPyDER ?

SPyDER performs Due Diligence, KYC, Vendor Background Checks, and Periodic Sanctions Screening to help our clients cope with the ever-changing compliance landscape. It extracts data from Social Media feeds and Open Source public platforms to build a 3600 profile of individuals/companies and their associates in a time efficient manner, thereby reducing the Operational Costs of our clients by 30%.

It optimises risk-exposure to financial improprieties of vendors/clients/customers with criminal proclivities via information validation through determination of propensities to commit financial crimes. In dynamic market scenarios, SPyDER achieves consistent regulatory coverage and reduces compliance cost by bringing forth accurate due diligence reports for various industries spanning across Casinos, Gaming, and BFSI sectors.

Key Features of SPyDER

Risk-based Analysis​

Enterprise wide, risk based monitoring, investigation and reportage on individuals and companies to gauge their involvement in suspicious activities.

Single Unified Platform​

A robust process to provide analysis, resolution and regulatory reporting via a single unified framework.

Periodic Investigation

Regular inquiries on individuals in country wise sanction list database of criminal activities.

Continuous Monitoring

Persistent monitoring of individuals/companies of interest to the client on web and social media platforms to glean information on suspicious activities, records, and businesses.

High Quality Data

SPyDER is designed to focus on data quality. It deploys a layered methodology to enable our clients in identification of details of their customers across all business ranks and concatenate their internal databases with open source data.

Suitable for Multiple Business Verticals

SPyDER is endowed with the flexibility to meet the needs of several verticals ranging from Casinos and Gaming firms to Banking and Wealth Management firms across the BFSI sector.

Reasons to use SPyDER

Legal and Criminal Verification

Perform effective, efficient, and time-saving legal, criminal and financial background checks of companies.

Thorough Investigation

Super-fast customer info extraction and aggregation from news sites and social media feeds to generate a 360° profile of an individual.

Accurate Outcomes

Standardised risk exposure optimisation via Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) generates higher accuracy in lesser time.

Cost Reduction

Easy to comprehend, Economical, Efficacious, and Efficient Risk Scoring Solution which can be customised as per your Business requirements.

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