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What is SOLDiT?

Are last-minute, ‘Nays’ deflating your bottom-line? What if, you were nudged towards the right, “Maybe’s” so that you close your clients with ease? Using SOLDiT you can! 

SOLDiT is a Sales-magnet designed to generate high-quality leads both for B2B & B2C companies through personalised and need-sorted segmentation of target audience. It serves as a one-stop solution for digital marketing and sales augmentation.  

SOLDiT provides comprehensive client profiles calibrated by personal purchase propensity which substantially diminishes deal-closure time. It amplifies high-probable leads by concentrating the database for effective conversion and nudges you to target assailable prospects.  

With SOLDiT we intend to serve your needs in market share augmentation and digital marketing across BFSI and Consumer Retail industry since these domains exhibit lead-contingent growth.     

Key Features of SOLDiT

Elaborate Data Mining

Hyper-personalised socio-behavioural data to better understand your prospects.

Region Wise Leads

Lead Generation and Prospect Targeting with Geospatial Specificity.

Unified Model

Enabling digital marketing by collating info from diverse Social Media feeds.

High Success Ratio

SOLDiT has a higher success rate for conversion vis-à-vis general leads.

One-click Optimisation

Single point lead generation enables users to generate leads from all the available sources.

Single Click Campaign

SOLDiT manages all your customers effectively and keeps track of their purchases.

How can SOLDiT make your life easier?

Lead Generation

Using SOLDiT, our clients fetch brand popularity and establish consumer credibility in a short span of time as it empowers them to unleash the power of every social media channel including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, just to name a few! It deploys text analytics methodologies to perform Sentiment Analysis on product feedback posted on Social Media by users of the product which enables our clients in understanding their customers better.

Lead Generation – Case Study

We’ve generated leads for a Fortune 500 Company in the US, Fortune 50 company in Hong Kong, a wealth management firm, an energy drink start-up along with a data-aggregator company in the UK and an educational start-up in India as well as one of the biggest Indian Conglomerate in the BFSI sector.


Selling is an art and artistry blossoms by design! B2B firms that generate record sales do so by deploying state-of-the-art analytics tools and techniques. Our SOLDiT platform comes decked with multiple industry-best faculties like live dashboards, KPIs of campaigns, data points and metrics-of-interest which helps our clients to monitor the health of their businesses.

Digital Marketing

SOLDiT structures a bespoke digital marketing campaign from inception to climax. This process usually begins with website refurbishment or a novel design altogether as per client requirements. Post this, we leverage SEO to improve digital visibility of our clients so that prospects can find them whenever they search for their products or services.

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