Deploy our Proprietary-Parser to filter the most vital segments from a document dump and peruse the relevant bits only! 

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What is CoLander ?

CoLander is a Document Parser which amplifies user-productivity by extracting custom info from a document dump! It deploys cutting-edge NLP techniques like NER Extraction, Periodic Match Amplification, and Text Centralisation to generate vivid dashboards which are easy to comprehend. Our clients use it for Document Parsing, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), KYC/KYBs, Contract Analysis (in auditory and law firms), Accounting Compliance and Talent Acquisition. With this platform of ours, the entire workflow of parsing, processing and perusing relevant information from a set of documents is systematically streamlined which enables our clients to deal with voluminous unstructured data dumps with accentuated accuracy.


Text Centralisation

Stacks all the extracted data from various documents onto a Data Frame facilitating the ease of search and sort operations.

NER Extraction

Extracts Names of persons, places, organisations, institutes and objects.

Periodic Match Amplification

This string-specific sophisticated extraction of vital segments comes in handy when the document dump is voluminous.

How can CoLander make your life easier?

Document Review Platform

CoLander systematically streamlines document parsing pipeline which enables our clients to deal with voluminous unstructured data dumps accurately.

Analysis of Lease Contracts

Leveraging NLP algorithms CoLander summarises complex lease agreements, revenue contracts, and board meeting minutes etc. to generate meaningful insights for our clients.

Accounting Compliance

Our clients deploy it to assess, abstract, validate and prepare lease data for lease accounting and administration.

Other Products


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A Sales-magnet designed to generate high-quality leads through personalised and need-sorted segmentation of your target audience.



SPyDER is our premium product which performs due diligence, KYC and periodic sanctions screening to help our clients cope with the ever-changing compliance landscape.



With the information in public domain ascending to mammoth proportions, NEWSpY provides an efficient means to keep track of metrics that matter.