Media Coverage

In this short duration of 7 years, we got ample media coverage. The spotlight flitted from personal interviews, award ceremonies to our industry viewpoints on the evolution of Analytics as a Consulting service.

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A pioneer envisioning AI for the future of Businesses with Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw)

by The Corporate Review

Women entrepreneurs in India have established their presence significantly in the healthcare, research, technology, FMCG, apparel, AI, IoT, crypto and aviation industries.

aSaw – We Make Data Work For You


Technology and economic development complement each other. The rate of economic growth can only be increased by technology. With the help of technology, it has been possible to make discoveries. Therefore, technological advancement is the main basis of economic progress.

aSaw – Powering Business Growth through open source data.

by CIO Review India

With huge volumes of data being generated from a variety of sources, businesses can no longer rely completely on their own internal databases.

aSaw – Transforming business through innovation and insights

by startup city

An enriching experience of one and a half decades in data analytics and business transformation had motivated Archna Wadhwa to conceptualise aSaw in 2014.

aSaw – Profitability by Leveraging Data Analytics.

by silicon india

How does it feel when discarded pile of boxes earn you profit or your ‘never to work’ files give you insight into reducing operational cost and turning into profit? Joyous. Right? However, not all analytics firms you partner

aSaw – A company that makes data work for you

by the silicon review

The utility world is changing drastically with every passing year and enterprises are optimizing the entire operation of a utility. A smart enterprise extracts insights from data provided by multiple sources