We leverage the potential of cutting edge technologies in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Product Engineering to deliver bespoke products and services as per client requirements.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage Artificial Intelligence for automation of and value addition to existing business processes of our clients. Our deliverables leverage practical AI streams like Computer Vision using OpenCV, Natural Language Processing using Collected Corpuses & GANs, and Pipeline Automation. Our AI solutions empower our clients with a competitive edge which is essential to stay ahead of market changes through controlled deployment and continuous monitoring.

Time-Series Forecasting

Our Time Series models accurately determine the comparative functional behaviours of different products and corporations.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We enable organisations to make data-driven decisions by combining business analytics, data mining, data visualisation with industry-endorsed best practices. Our clients utilise our services to get an in-depth understanding of their proprietary data which drives change, eliminates inefficiencies and allows them to adapt quickly to market changes.

Computer Vision

We provide a gamut of services vis-à-vis image processing ranging from facial recognition to object detection and tracking using image classifier models developed leveraging Open CV, Tesseract, TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch.

Data Monetisation

We monetise open source data to solve existing and emerging business problems leveraging AI.

Web & mobile development

Web and Mobile app development

We design and deploy bespoke web applications for our clients. In sync with the industry endorsed agile methodology, our operational modalities incorporate the latest in cloud, mobile, and web tech to deliver client-customised solutions which enable companies to connect with their customers while simplifying and accelerating enterprise techniques while lowering cost.

Market Research / Sophisticated Search amplifications

Compared to the usual simple searches, the amplified search ops provide detailed yet faster results. These are available in different versions, viz., patterns, sequences, geospatial sequences, etc. We can segregate an entire dataset by topics and sort by ‘relevance’ and ‘similarity’ ratios. In general, topics like Personal, Economical, Trade, Marketing, Social Connections, etc. are covered.

Risk & Compliance Frameworks/Enhanced Due Diligence

We help firms with Risk Management in real time thereby reducing their exposure to adverse financial impact. Our solutions include Risk and Regulatory frameworks, Risk Scorecard Development/Validation, Risk Reporting, Collection Analytics and IFSR9/BASEL.

Machine Learning

Our ML solutions facilitate a smooth transition for enterprises from conventional rigour of rule-based processes to smarter ones by leveraging unstructured data sets. For every definitive problem statement presented to us by our clients, we experiment on a wide range of ML models incorporating supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement algorithms in our products. This helps businesses predict complex consumer behaviour.

Document Parsing | NLP/NER Extraction

Our bespoke Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions function in a distributed and scalable manner fetching a diverse array of applications ranging from Enhanced Due Diligence & Anti-Money Laundering flagging to Resume Parsing for automating Talent Acquisition. Using NLP, we parse Social Media feeds and analyse them to aid businesses with Brand and Campaign management along with providing Sentiment Analysis of their products. Our best-in-industry Document Parsing modules can automatically binarize and extract selected information from digital documents. Furthermore, they come with integrated Document Review features which provide utmost attention to selected search extraction and integration. This saves time by automating regular series pattern match operations that are performed on multiple documents.

Deep Learning

Our bespoke Deep Learning platforms can efficiently forecast sales and other parameters of interest to the client company using existing data. We train our models on large datasets containing labelled data and neural network architectures without manual feature extraction as our models learn features directly from the data.

Big Data

Once the data has been extracted from the warehouse and processed, Data Centralisation becomes a priority. Maintaining the extracted data in a Central stack makes further search and sort operations efficient.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We provide end to end Digital Transformation services covering all the categories viz., Process transformation, Business Model transformation, Domain transformation, and Organisational transformation customisable as per client requirements.

Cloud Services/DevOps

From preliminary scoping to final deployment on cutting edge cloud technologies, we provide a one-stop solution as per client requirements. Our workflows reflect the industry-standards of DevOps which helps us to design and deploy at the speed of agile while using latest cloud tech to undertake production, testing and deployment of the product.

Digital Marketing and Sales Lead Generation

We deploy SOLDiT to generate leads for our clients using every social media channel including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Along with this, we also provide digital marketing services to convert these leads into customers.