aSaw – Powering Business Growth through open source data.

With huge volumes of data being generated from a variety of sources, businesses can no longer rely completely on their own internal database to get actionable insights for better decision making. Today, emerging technologies such as Cloud, Data Science, Data Analytics, AI and ML provide new opportunities for businesses to reduce operational costs and increase sales by allowing them to harness the open data sources. However, deriving business insights from the huge volumes of open data is quite challenging for businesses owing to lack of in-house capabilities. Hence, businesses are looking for a partner with expertise in data science who could help them make sense of data coming from all directions from disparate sources and not just the organizational data, leveraging which they could improve their business efficiency.

Applying Data Science for Strategic Decision Making

aSaw, a Data Science company, offers end-toend analytics solutions helping businesses make the most of open data by delivering data-driven business insights. Being a SaaS based product & services Company with immense capabilities in the areas of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing and NLP, aSaw offers customizable and cutting-edge technology solutions with data security at core.