Automate reportage with erudition of text analytics and track the news that matters to you in real-time. NEWSpY – an intelligent text analysis platform – provides centralised news analysis from multiple public sources, presenting the most categorically relevant news.


We report to you in real time

What is NEWSpY ?

As publications proliferate by the day and blogs bubble by the hour, keeping track of news is becoming an increasingly arduous task. NEWSpY generates centralised news analysis from multiple public sources, bringing forth the most categorically relevant news which makes it an intelligent text-analysis platform.

NEWSpY identifies and segregates news as per topical keywords provided by the client as input. Real-time analysis reduces the time required for info-aggregation and expedites the production of actionable insights, which enables data-driven decision making for user organisation.  

How can NEWSpY make your life easier?

Topical Classification

NEWSpY classifies news by topics. On selecting a topic, the news displayed on the dashboard is further segregated by companies and individuals respectively.

Insights Extraction

NEWSpY leverages open sources of data to extract insights on any company or individual as per client requirements.

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis expedites info-aggregation and generation of actionable insights thereby empowering our clients in quick and improved decision-making.

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