Case Studies

A showcase displaying how our solutions advisories generated significant impact against various problem statements presented to us by our clients.

Customer Analytics

One of the leading companies from Hong Kong’s Food & Beverages industry solicited our services for generating insights from their customer’s data.

Social Media Analytics

A US-based Fortune 500 company approached us to gauge the market perception of their products, customer service and pricing.

Building Centre of Excellence

One of Fortune 100 companies and a Fortune 1000 company in US wanted to setup Centre of Excellence in Data Science and Technology in India.

Operational Excellence

An operations management solutions company in UK sought an insights advisory on their customer’s data to enhance the efficiency of their business processes.

Company EDD

We regularly perform Due Diligence on patrons and their associates for one of the largest casinos in Pennsylvania, USA.

Individual EDD

Wealth management firms, investment banks, and casinos regularly seek advisories which provide criminal classification of patrons based on their propensity to commit a financial crime.

Developing Digital Footprints

One of our US clients wanted to expand operations in Asia and solicited our services to develop their Digital Footprints for the Hong Kong market.

Campaign Management

A Healthcare firm approached us to define their target segment and design a campaign around it to better market their product.

Data Visualisation

An Indian healthcare start-up approached us to create a customised Interactive Dashboard displaying Business Intelligence metrics.

Data Monetisation

One of our UK clients sought an insights advisory on their customer data.