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What is HiReachy?

HiReachy is a bespoke Hiring Support Service which fast-tracks Talent Acquisition leveraging AI.

We tie up with clients to provide them with best-fit candidates as per their requirements while maintaining an accuracy of 95% across all positions.

Problems while Hiring:

  1. Hiring is a time-consuming process.
  2. Chances of ending-up with a misfit (in terms of work and cultural congruency) is about 30%.

Benefits of HiReachy

Enhanced Accuracy

We ensure that Right Candidates open Right Interview doors.

Fast-track Hiring

We use an in-house AI-application screening system which enables a lower turnaround time for shortlisting candidates.

Process Customisation

We customise the entire hiring cycle as per client requirements.

Selectivity bias reduction

Partnering with us will facilitate onboarding the right skilled and culturally fit candidates by diminishing selectivity bias in hiring.

Hiring Process - HiReachy

Resume Parsing

Candidate profiles are collected by us and then CoLander screens the best resumes, based on the given Job Description.

Resume Analysis

Every Resume is assessed and assigned a unique Score that defines the degree of match with the given JD.

Score Generation

The candidates with the highest scores are the best fits for the given job role.


AI assisted profile screening
Hiring Support
Candidate Longevity Prediction

Staffing Services under HiReachy

Onsite Staffing

Onsite staffing program brings our best team closer to your work environment. Our resources work as an in-house staff on a long-term basis.

Offsite Staffing

Offsite staffing allows you to hire an extended team that works remotely for you. You can either manage the staff yourselves or we can help you in supervision. The staff works as an extension of your existing team.

Project based staffing

Project-Based Staffing allows you to hire the resources with the right skills based on the project requirements for short or medium term.

Other Products


CoLander is a Document Parser which amplifies the productivity of its users by extracting custom info from a document dump.



A Sales-magnet designed to generate high-quality leads through personalised and need-sorted segmentation of your target audience.



SPyDER is our premium product which performs due diligence, KYC and periodic sanctions screening to help our clients cope with the ever-changing compliance landscape.



With the information in public domain ascending to mammoth proportions, NEWSpY provides an efficient means to keep track of metrics that matter.