Company EDD

Due diligence for One of the largest casinos in US

Problem Statement

One of the biggest casinos in Pennsylvania, USA approached us to conduct due diligence on vendors (both domestic and foreign) to identify whether they were involved in any financial crimes or money laundering activities using SPyDERTM (our proprietary EDD & AML platform).

Solution Advisory

SPyDER performs due diligence on companies based on which they are flagged the report of which is submitted to the client. The reports are user friendly and our turnaround time is 1 day for the analysis of each Company. Besides this, SPyDER also conducts Vendor Background checks and flags any suspicious activity for prevention of financial crimes for our clients in the BFSI sector.


Our EDD reports helped the client to reduce operational cost by more than 20% along with a reduction in risk-exposure to financial crimes. We have been offering the due diligence reports to our client for the past 5 years.

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