aSaw – Transforming business through innovation and insights

Transforming business through innovation and insights, Analytics Saves at Work is poised to make a significant impact in the analytics industry.

An enriching experience of one and a half decades in data analytics and business transformation had motivated Archna Wadhwa to conceptualize Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) in 2014. She founded the company with the objective to help companies harness their data and transform it into their biggest asset. As a product of her contribution to the banking industry Archna was endowed with deep domain knowledge and expertise in how data can be utilized to revamp a business and define its future.

Having started as a boutique analytics consulting firm, Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) has steadily been widening its reach in the market in terms of delivering value to its clients. It derives actionable insights out of available data from all possible sources – internal and external for the benefit of businesses.The in-house team of professionally qualified data scientists and consultantsat aSaw holds expertise in leveraging data from social media and other external sources to generate sales leads, improve customer experience, perform market research, mitigate fraud risk and to counter money-laundering activities. To address complex business problems, the company develops advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms for achieving optimum results. The in-house team is supported and advised by experts from multiple disciplines to make sure that the clients get a competitive advantage.

Collaboration with some of the premier educational institutes in India like IITs and IIMs has allowed for some of the brightest of the brains in Academia to be attracted to aSaw where innovative ideas are encouraged and explored then incubated through internships and projects.With a firm belief in the core values of innovation, excellence, integrity and collaboration and supported by a highly respected board of directors, the company is actively moving forward towards achieving its vision.

Analytics Saves at Work started up in the UK in 2014, very quickly, the following year, establishing an official site in Bangalore India. The Bangalore site is now evolving to become the spearhead of the company’s journey as an innovation and delivery hub. Recently the company has set up office premises in Hong Kong which alongside the UK branch now serve as dynamic sales platforms for the company.

Unique Products / Services

Through its rich portfolio, the company offers a range of service offerings for increasing revenues and reducing costs. The principal proposition of the company is sales lead generation by integrating the data from various external sources like Social Media. Within two years of inception, aSaw’s constant endeavor towards innovation has resulted into ideation of two products in the area of social media analytics which are in the process of development and shall be launched soon. The first product, WoW is dedicated to sentiment analysis; it would aid firms in improving customer experience and designing better products and services. The second product, SoldIT, generates sales leads for various insurance products that enables firms to have focused target pool of prospects resulting in improved conversion rates and reduced acquisition cost.

Success Mantra

With a vast number of players occupying this domain, the firm has been able to distinguish itself from the rest in quite a short span of time. aSaw is one of those very few companies which have deep domain knowledge in banking and insurance and possess expertise in leveraging social media for business advantage. The company’s unique business model and its alliance with industry experts and premier Indian academic institutes for advisory and research purposes respectively also serve as the major factors that have contributed to its strength. A major asset to the organisation in the global market is the solid relationships built with partner countries across the globe through whom aSaw already operates allowing for cultural sensitivities of the corresponding regions to be observed.

aSaw’s dedication to deliver utmost value to its clients is steadily contributing to having a  solid client base for the company. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Ms. Archna Wadhwa, Managing Director, Analytics Saves at Work, says, “Client referral is an important aspect of building a strong and retainable customer base. The more value we generate for our clients, the better is the chance not only to retain the client but also obtain a referral. Although we also depend upon other channels for increasing the number of clients, we consider innovation and the quality of service delivery as the main pillar for building a successful customer base.”

Road Ahead

Since its inception, the company has served the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance domain. In 2017, it plans to invest its efforts into building more products and expanding the spectrum of its services. The company is gearing up to extend its footprint across the rest of Europe and in the USA.As quoted by Ms. Archna Wadhwa, “My intention is to build a spiritual company which recognises and operates on the foundational principles of integrity, social responsibility and awareness as much as scientific data. There is no limitation on the sources of knowledge. That is precisely why collaboration comes on top of the agenda where we can learn from the clients or the partners or the advisers or the in-house data scientists/product developers or even students for that matter.”

The Spirit behind the Success

Archna Wadhwa, Managing Director, Analytics Saves at Work

Archna Wadhwa, an inspirational woman with strong leadership qualities, has established a highly accomplished career in some of the world’s top international financial companies. During her career, she established European Risk Analytics Center in the UK for HSBC and set up and led Global Analytics Centers for HSBC and GE Consumer Finance in India. Prior to setting up the company, in her last role, she worked as Chief Data Officer at HSBC, Group Headquarters, London. Archna believes that science, creativity and strategic thinking gives data science its true meaning. She holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and a Bachelor of Engineering from Punjab University, India. She completed ‘Performance Leadership’ at London Business School and ‘Creative Writing’ at Oxford University, UK. She has recently been honored with ‘Emerging Women in Leader’ award at India Women Empowerment and Leadership Summit 2016 held at Bangalore, India. Last November, Archna presented a paper titled ‘Social Listening for Business Insights’ at the 20th Asian Actuarial Conference.