The History Behind  Analytics Saves at Work


Saw is an analytics start-up founded in 2015 with expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The company is based in Bangalore, India with partner offices in UK and Hong Kong. It’s a recognised start-up (DIPP) by Govt. of India. aSaw has proprietary products SoldiT™ (lead generation platform), Spyder™ (Due Diligence & AML platform) & NEWspy (News Analytics platform). We offer analytical services to our clients which help in solving business problems. Along with analytical services, we are also serving our clients in building center of excellence and developing digital footprints.
aSaw core competency is to leverage open source data in finding hidden efficiencies and insights to monetize data asset. With an in-house team of data scientists, software developers, consultants and industry experts, we ensure that the data works for our clients.


To help firms unlock values of data and discover hidden efficiencies to reduce costs and/or improve revenues.


The vision of aSaw is to be a leading analytics firm known for value creation for our clients through innovation.

Team Makes a Startup

Founder and Chairperson

Ms Archna Wadhwa

As the Founder and Managing Director of Analytics Saves at Work, Archna has more than 19 years of experience and had an accomplished career in the corporate world. She worked as Chief Data Officer at HSBC Group Headquarters, London before starting her entrepreneurial journey. She also established European Risk Analytics Center in UK for HSBC and set up and led Global Analytics Centers for HSBC and GE in India.

She has been successful in managing cultural diversity in worldwide businesses by harnessing the value of data. Archna is a change leader and her core values are integrity, excellence and innovation. She has expertise in improving the bottom line of a firm with her strategic vision, execution and making complex simple.

Archna believes science, creativity and strategic thinking gives data science its true meaning. She was featured as one of the “Most Inspirational Women Entrepreneur 2018” by Technology Widgets magazine.

Her interests are creative writing, art, travel, and theatre. She likes to spend free time with her daughter traveling to new places, visiting museums and art galleries.

Archna holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and a Bachelor of Engineering from Punjab University, India. She has done ‘Performance Leadership’ at London Business School and ‘Creative Writing’ at Oxford University, UK.

Advisers & Board of Directors

Dr David Gardiner
Dr David GardinerAdviser – Credit Risk, Analytics and SME
Dr David Gardiner has over 25 years experience in risk analysis and risk management, much of it at Senior Management level. Read more
Mr Ian Ogilvie
Mr Ian OgilvieAdviser – Strategy Implementation
Mr Ian Ogilvie is an International Director with executive and non-executive experience in financial services and fintech. Read more
Mr Hardy Lo
Mr Hardy LoAdviser-Partner on HK, Macau and China
Mr Hardy Lo has 20+ years of experience in Insurance and Technology amongst the top insurers and financial institutions in Asia. Read more
Mr Tony Zupa
Mr Tony ZupaStrategic Global Business Adviser
Mr Tony Zupa has 25+ years of experience in IT, business operations, procurement/sourcing, sales, Read more
Mr Bruce Cannon
Mr Bruce CannonDirector
Mr Bruce Cannon has served as an international manager and senior executive in HSBC for 29 years across four continents. Read more
Mr Liyaquat Khan
Mr Liyaquat KhanDirector
Mr Liyaquat Khan has been CEO of two life insurers, one in India and other in the Gulf and also has been appointed Actuary for a General Insurer Read more
Professor Gautam Sinha
Professor Gautam SinhaDirector
Professor Gautam Sinha is the founding director of Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, one of the most Read more
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