An enriching experience of one and a half decades in data analytics and business transformation has motivated Archna Wadhwa to conceptualize Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) in 2014.  She founded the company with the objective to help companies harness their data and transform it into their biggest asset. As a product of her contribution to the banking industry Archna was endowed with deep domain knowledge and expertise in how data can be utilized to revamp a business and define its future.

Having started as a boutique analytics consulting firm, Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) has steadily been widening its reach in the market in terms of delivering value to its clients. It derives actionable insights out of available data from all possible sources – internal and external for the benefit of businesses. The in-house team of professionally qualified data scientists and consultants at aSaw holds expertise in leveraging data from social media and other external sources to generate sales leads, improve customer experience, perform market research, mitigate fraud risk and to counter money-laundering activities. To address complex business problems, the company develops advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms for achieving optimum results. The in-house team is supported and advised by experts from multiple disciplines to make sure that the clients get a competitive advantage.