It is a core risk platform which identifies the likelihood of an individual or a company involved in illegal activities.

Dynamic and fast-moving threats have made it necessary for most of the organisations to demand innovative technologies that allow them to achieve consistent regulatory coverage, reduce compliance cost, and respond instantly to changing market scenarios. Spyder is designed to do due diligence check on companies and individuals and identify likelihood of any financial crimes. Spyder also does legal and criminal background verification checks for companies. It leverages Social Media data and publicly available data to build a 360° profile of an individual. Spyder optimises risk exposure through due diligence and customer validation. Spyder makes use of highly reliable premium data resources. The platform helps organisations by providing single customer view and integrated risk scores for money laundering activities.


Legal and Criminal Verification

Effectively performs legal and criminal background verification of companies.

Detailed Investigation

Accelerated customer information collection & extraction, from news and social media to build a 360° profile of an individual

Accurate Outcomes

Enhanced Due Diligence approach with greater accuracy, reduced time, increased efficiency, enhanced audibility and standardisation thereby optimizing the risk exposure

Cost Reduction

Simple, low cost, effective and optimised risk scoring solution according to business problems

Key Features of SPyDER

Risk-based Analysis

Enterprise-wide risk-based monitoring, investigations, and reporting for individuals and companies involved in suspicious activities

Single Unified Platform

Robust case management streamlines analysis, resolution and regulatory reporting in a single unified platform

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of individuals and companies in various social media networks to assemble information for suspicious activities, records and businesses

Regular investigation

Regular inquiry on individuals in country-wise sanction list database for criminal activities

High Preference to Data Quality

Clear focus on data quality, leveraging a layered approach to ensure that a firm can truly identify a single customer across all business ranks and assimilate both internal and external data

Suits for Multiple Business Verticals

Flexibility to provide exclusive needs for various verticals such as Casinos and Gaming firms, Global Banking, and Wealth management companies