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About SOLDiT™

SoldiT™ platform is designed to generate high quality leads for business requirements and thus providing target marketing with a list of prospective customers. It captures the purpose of individuals on various platforms based on the business requirements. This product not only provides you with a list of potential leads but also the details about them so that it would help you build a more personalized relationship with the client. It reduces the follow-up time to close the deal. Owners of small and midsized businesses would find it equally useful to compete in an environment of rising competition and dynamic changes in the digital marketing practices. It reduces the follow-up time to close the deal.

Deep Dive Information

More personalized Socio-behavioural data to get a better understanding of the individual

High Success Ratio

The higher success rate for conversion than general leads

Region-wise Leads

Select the geographical area that the business is interested in

One-click Optimisation

Single point lead generation enables users to generate leads from all the available sources

Unified Model

Integration of all the social media information used for digital marketing

Single Click Campaign

Manages all customers and keeps track of customer purchases

How SOLDiT™ Works?


SoldiT™ CRM includes the address book, lead stage, and status of the lead. It prioritizes leads & tasks, recommends actions, and help your team execute them. When it comes to a CRM solution, one size doesn't fit all businesses. That's why SOLDiT™ CRM allows you to not just add industry-specific modules and custom buttons, but also helps in modifying the overall look and functionality to match your business. Get a CRM that works the way you do.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing process initiates with design or re-design of websites from scratch. We help our clients to improve visibility of their websites by SEO, so prospects can find them whenever they search for the products or services the client offers. The platform assists in designing effective campaigns corresponding to client’s business requirements.


Analytics plays an increasingly important role in B2B sales and high-performing sales companies take it to a new level to differentiate themselves from the competitors. The analytical features of our proprietary lead generation platform include live dashboards, key performance indicators of campaigns, metrics and data points to monitor the health of business.

Social Media & Web Data

SoldiT™ lead generation platform helps clients to unleash the power of every social media channel including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to gain popularity and trust in a very short span of time. It also performs sentiment analysis for the clients through WoW module which helps in understanding the feedback given by customers on various social media platforms about various features of their offerings and competitors.