Company EDD

One of the largest casinos in US, wanted to perform enhanced due diligence on companies. The client approached aSaw to conduct due diligence of their vendors in US and globally to identify whether the company is involved in financial crimes or money laundering activities with the help of our proprietary platform SPyDER™.

The platform has developed a framework which performs the due diligence check of company and its executive management. Based on the results the company is flagged and the report is submitted to the client. The reports are user friendly and our Turn Around Time is one day for the analysis of each company. This helped client to lessen operational cost by more than 20% and reduce the risk of financial crimes. We are offering the due diligence reports to our client from last 24 months.

Individual’s EDD

Wealth management companies, investment banks and casinos wanted us to perform enhanced due diligence on individuals. The clients approached us to conduct due diligence of their customers in US and globally to identify whether the patron is involved in financial crime or not.

This is the regular service which we provide to our clients through our proprietary SPyDER™ platform. The framework developed by the platform performs the due diligence check on individuals and their associates. The individuals are flagged based on their probability of doing financial crimes and an extensive report is submitted to the clients.

The Turn Around Time is two and half hrs for each individual and a 10-pager extensive report is produced in real time.

Building Center of Excellence

One of Fortune 100 companies and a Fortune 1000 company in US wanted to setup center of excellence in Data Science & Technology in India. The client approached aSaw for support as they didn’t have any exposure in Indian market with regards to skill set, resourcing, infrastructure and market salaries involved in setting up center in India.

aSaw helped the client to setup a team in India in building infrastructure with best of resources and making the center operational.

Customer Segmentation

One of the leading company from food and beverages industry located in Hong Kong approached us to provide insights from their customer’s data.

We did customer segmentation on their data and helped them to do product promotions on the basis of customer’s buying behaviour. This helped them to increase the footfall in their stores.

Response & Campaign Management

Healthcare client approached us for defining the target segment and designing the campaigns for marketing for their products.

We helped them in improving campaign performance by customer profiling and segmentation. The team has built machine learning scorecard for zip codes and their propensity to buy the products. Further, we overlaid it on their customer segmentation for better pricing.

Our solution helped the client in decreasing the cost and increasing the response of marketing.

Developing Digital Footprints

Our US client wanted us to develop digital footprints for their venture setup in Hong Kong Market

We helped the client in setting up their Hong Kong venture by developing digital footprints as per their requirements. Also helped them in successfully launching their products in Hong Kong Market in record time.

Brand Management

One of Fortune 500 companies in US approached aSaw to help them understand how the market is perceiving their products, customer service and pricing.

At a time when there were changes in the organizational structure of client, aSaw used their capabilities in NLP and other technologies with the help of social media resources and other possible sources. We provided daily, weekly and monthly reports based on the various attributes as asked by the client. The client is now able to get more customer insights and manage the branding better.

Interactive Dashboard

A healthcare start-up approached us for Customised Interactive Dashboard for business intelligence.

The dashboard which the team developed helped the client to see key business metrics and to track, analyse, monitor customer data and medical reports in real time. The dashboard also allowed the users to add or remove certain parameters as required and enabling them to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

This helped them save valuable IT resources as the number of requests for database queries or customizations decreased significantly.

Monetising Data

One of our client in UK approached us to provide insights from their customer data.

We did extensive report with insights and dashboards to make them understand the patterns coming from the given data.

Unlike classical methods which usually begin with an assumed model for the data, exploratory data analysis (EDA) techniques are used to excavate the data to suggest models that might be appropriate. This resourceful analysis helped them to understand various customer segments, trends and correlations, therefore improving their recommendation platform.