Case Studies

Case Studies


SOLDiT™ Usecases
Business to Business:
-Provided company leads in group health insurance.
Business to Customers:
-Finding customers for a Mutual Fund startup.
-Identifying both suppliers and customers for an e-commerce startup.
-Targeted students to join a niche course of an educational institute.
-Lead generation for bank products like personal loans, mortgage

Global footprints: Hong Kong, The United States, The United Kingdom & India.


SPyDER™ Usecases

Business to Business: Providing Due Diligence and KYC for one of the largest Casino.
Global Footprint:The United States and Australia

Sentiment Analysis

To understand the customer perception of a client, their pricing and products.
-Data extraction from continuous web data
-Insight through websites and forums
-Recency check
-Sentiment Analysis using Natural Language Processing
Outcome: Continuous monitoring helps in better customer experience for the clients

Application Development

Developed B2B platforms for

-Online Art Gallery in India
-Consulting Firm in Hong Kong
-Nutrition Monitoring Firm
-Educational start-ups in India

Look-Alike Model

Business Problem:
-To identify employees for renewal of the policy.
-Look-Alike model was built to best identify employees who would renew their policy using the machine learning algorithm.
Outcome: The lift was 25% when compared to the response rate without the scorecard.

Building Data Science Team

Helping companies in building analytics team by providing resources in data science to enhance their business performance
- People: Talent Strategy
- Thought leadership
- Advice and consulting
- Technology Guidance
- Governance and Program Management
- Continuous Training and Skill Development

Our Clients

  • Fortune 100 Insurance major in US, HK

  • Fortune 100 Global Bank

  • One of the largest casino in US for SPyDER™

  • A Hong Kong based consulting firm

  • One of the largest Indian Conglomerate

  • Various SME's and MSME's for SOLDiT™