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About SPyDER™

Dynamic, digital and financial threats have made it necessary for most of the organisations to demand innovative technologies that allow them to achieve consistent regulatory coverage, reduce compliance cost and respond instantly to changing market scenarios.

SPyDER™ is designed to do due diligence check on companies and individuals and identify likelihood of any financial crimes. The platform does legal and criminal background verification checks for a company and its executive management, and associated company, if any.

It also checks for the probability of individuals and their associates for illegal activities. The platform harnesses social media data and publicly available data to build a 360° profile of an individual.

SPyDER™ optimises risk exposure through due diligence and customer information validation. It makes use of highly reliable premium data resources. The platform helps organisations by providing single customer view and integrated risk score to identify potential of their doing money laundering activities.

Why SPyDER™?

Key Features of SPyDER™

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