Project Description

About SOLDiT™


“A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”
Personalization goes a little beyond just being “nice” to your consumers, when 86% shoppers claim personalization to be the driving force of their purchase. 

SOLDiT™ is a one stop, unified solution, centralizing your Business Sales needs. Designed to generate high quality leads, it captures the purpose and needs of individuals based on their requirements.
It isn’t only limited to providing you with a list of potential leads, but also aids your business with details about them, helping you build a more personalized relationship with the client, thus reducing the follow-up time to close the deal!

Concentrating the database for effective conversion, SOLDiT™ personalizes, targets, and segments your target audience.

SOLDiT™ is aSaw’s effort in the direction of overcoming competition, digital marketing, CRM, and optimisation or leads for all Business Owners, in sectors across Insurance, Banks, and Retail companies where they require quality leads to grow their businesses.

How SOLDiT™ Works?

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