Project Description

About NEWSpY


With the acceleration of digital media, the sources of news are unlimited, but the time relevance is limited. Manually monitoring the vast sources of news of each and every organization or individual, goes beyond the scope of human effort.

aSaw’s NEWSpY, is an intelligent text analysis platform, providing centralized news analysis from multiple public sources, bringing forth the most categorically relevant news.

The platform identifies and classifies the news based on the topical keywords, data driven capabilities and scans the news of companies and individuals, segregating them accordingly.
Real-time analysis reduces the time required for gathering information and accelerates the production of actionable insights, which directs organisations towards improved and fast-paced decision making.

With a conscious effort to reduce the time, operational cost and duplication of news, NEWSpY is used by Credit Rating Agencies, Banks, Stock Brokerage companies and other institutions, aiming at saving billions spent in the BFSI industry to monitor companies and individuals.

How NEWSpY Works?

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