Project Description

About CoLander™


The CoLanderTM is a library of Customizable Document Parsing modules that make Document Digitalisation & refined information extraction efficiently possible.

There are certain areas in every document that are noticed and given utmost importance by any human interpreter. Such areas can be scanned, and the vital information extraction can be made completely automated (without the need for a human interpreter) based upon the custom client requirements.

Ex: A person going through a large pile of Legal records, noting down the Type & Period of legal record may take hours to complete. These piles of records can be uploaded to CoLanderTM and it extracts the Type & Period of Legal records in just seconds. Also, it presents the results in a user-friendly way, so that search & sort operations can be compelled upon furtherly.

In simple words, it extracts the required information from large chunks of data present in a document. It first transforms the data from pdf, doc & docx files into computer-readable formats and performs information & Named- Entity extraction on it.

CoLanderTM completely Binarize your documents and get the vital data extracted from them in seconds.

Why CoLander™?

Key Features of CoLander™