Analytics Saves at Work: Profitability by Leveraging Data Analytics.
How does it feel when discarded pile of boxes earn you profit or your ‘never to work’ files give you insight into reducing operational cost and turning into profit? Joyous. Right? However, not all analytics firms you partner with will offer you this. But this is made possible by Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) – a boutique analytics consulting firm, which exploits data analytics for optimization of operational cost and increase in revenue depicting a four dimensional view of how data can help an organization.

Although in-depth analysis of correct data holds the power to engrave a business firm’s success story, only 39 percent of the companies use such significant customer data and translate it to profit. There is a common misconception about Big Data that it’s complex. Adding to this are many big data startups, which provide data analytics using tools and in-depth data mining solutions. aSaw provides guaranteed results and not just solutions through getting data from various sources including social media and machine data, analyzing it and providing insights by integrating the relevant data present in silos, which results in increased business profitability.